From speakeasies and casinos to the entertainment industry at large, mobsters have always played an influential role in the growth and shaping of Las Vegas. It is a city that, for better or worse, has always been of great interest to the mob, particularly considering its origins, which is why we’ve decided to look at some of the most notable mobsters in the history of Las Vegas!

Frank Rosenthal

Frank Rosenthal

A Chicago mobster, Frank Rosenthal arrived in Las Vegas on the order of his boss, Al Capone. In Vegas, Rosenthal oversaw the functioning of many highly successful casinos and is well-known for instituting the first set of bookmakers and venturing into sports betting, something that Vegas is well known for today. Soon after, however, the authorities made his connection to the mob, and he was prohibited from entering, let alone managing, any casino in Las Vegas. Since then, little is known about Frank Rosenthal. Presumably, however, it was believed that he ran many casinos using proxies until his death in 2008.

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